Home Care


As members of a Christian community, Pastoral Home Care Volunteers strive to become a compassionate presence to the sick and elderly .


The Pastoral Home Care Volunteer is a person who, under the guidance of the Parish Coordinator, offers pastoral support to those who are sick and/or elderly and confined to their place of residence. The volunteer seeks to journey with the shut-in by being a spiritual companion to him or her. As such, the volunteer is often asked to pray with the shut-in, to offer Holy Communion, and to help nourish a relationship with God. In this ministry, the Pastoral Home Care Volunteer represents the parish community of St. Monica and serves to maintain a link between the person being visited and the parish community.


  • Visit the sick, the elderly and shut-ins on a regular basis according to a mutually agreeable schedule.
  • Participate in regular meetings with the Parish Coordinator and other volunteers.
  • Upon request, bring Holy Communion to the person being visited.


  • Good communication and listening skills. 
  • Empathic support. 
  • Non-judgmental approach.
  • Ability to know when extra help is needed in difficult situations and to seek that help. 
  • Maintain the trust of the shut-in visited by respecting confidentiality and privacy. 
  • Basic knowledge of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. 
  • A basic formation course is given by the diocese in various parishes several times a year and is required for all potential visitors

Coordinator: Ann Robertson